Randy Kerber Performs Piano Solos in Venice Film Festival Favorite "La La Land"

Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling star in Damien Chazelle's "La La Land"

Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling star in Damien Chazelle's "La La Land"

The darling musical romance of Venice Film Festival, "La La Land," starring Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling features piano solos by Randy Kerber. The film directed by Damien Chazelle has premiered to rave review including the The Hollywood Reporter, which gushed that "for Chazelle to be able to pull this off the way he has is something close to remarkable" and Time Magazine saying "it’s a movie with the potential to make lovers of us all. " The film has even garnered praise for its originality from Tom Hanks, who called it "wonderful" and "brand new."

In the film, Ryan Gosling plays a jazz pianist, and all Gosling's piano solos are performed by accomplished pianist, arranger, and composer Randy Kerber.

Catch the film in theaters when it enters wide release in December.

"Fragmentos de Amor" wins Best Film from Latin America at Montreal World Film Festival

"Fragmentos de Amor," featuring an original score from composer Randy Kerber, has won Best Film from Latin America at the Montreal World Film Festival.

The drama follows Rodrigo, a former composer fallen on hard times who begins an affair with the soon-to-be-married Susana. When a bomb in the city of Medellín nearly kills them, Rodrigo and Susana surrender to their attraction.

Click hear to listen to selections from Randy Kerber's original score for "Fragmentos de Amor."




Cinesamples Releases "Randy's Celeste"

Cinesamples has partnered with legendary session musician and composer Randy Kerber for their first ever Artist Series library, "Randy’s Celeste."

Randy Kerber is a composer, orchestrator and keyboard player, who has had a prolific career in the world of cinema. The recognizable celeste theme in “Harry Potter” composed by John Williams was played by Randy Kerber, who developed a unique sound for the celeste that has been featured not only in “Harry Potter I, II, and III,” but also “Minority Report,” “Catch Me If You Can,” “The Adventures of Tintin,” and “Warhorse”.

How “Randy’s Celeste” came into being: “I was asked to create a sound that would capture the magical personality of Hedwig, the Owl in Harry Potter. First, I called up an initialized voice patch on the DX-7 synthesizer to embody the soft character of the celeste. Next, I combined a sample of an actual celeste. After some manipulation of these two instruments, I was able to arrive at the unique sound you hear today.”

Randy's Celeste is available for purchase from Cinesamples.com

Randy Kerber Records "Over the Rainbow" Arrangement at Sony Pictures Studios with John Williams and Christine Brewer

Arranger and pianist Randy Kerber discusses the score with conductor John Williams and mixer Dennis Sands.

Arranger and pianist Randy Kerber discusses the score with conductor John Williams and mixer Dennis Sands.

Last year, Randy Kerber had the honor of creating a new arrangement of the iconic song "Over the Rainbow" for the HEARTbeats Foundation charity album "We'll Paint You a Rainbow." Randy Kerber's arrangement, written for full orchestra featuring vocalist Christine Brewer and cellist Lynn Harrell (co-founder of the HEARTbeats Foundation), was conducted by the legendary film composer John Williams at the historic Sony Picture Studios Scoring Stage, the very stage where Judy Garland first recorded "Over the Rainbow" back in 1938 for the beloved film "Wizard of Oz."

From ScoringSessions.com about the album:

"The album, Paint Me a Rainbow will be released in 2012 filled with new recordings of original and existing songs with the involvement of legendary artists, including Lynn Harrell, Placido Domingo, Joan Baez, Maroon5, Paul Simon, Sting, and many more.

To see behind-the-scenes footage of "Over the Rainbow" recording session, and to watch Randy Kerber at work, watch the video below.

Featuring: John Williams, conductor Christine Brewer, soprano
Lynn Harrell, cello
Randy Kerber, piano and arrangement

See more pictures of Randy Kerber from the session in gallery below or by visiting ScoringSessions.com.